The demise of America the Dead

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What is going on here…

Well, I’m glad you asked. It has been a busy week or two. We have been attacked by hornets or something. I have been stung twice, both times in the head: I’m convinced it caused incurable brain swelling. The Walmart delivery guy was stung the other day. I have thought it might be a good time to invite the Ex to visit…We have been battling them with Ant spray and a fly swatter. I haven’t killed any, Mom went out this morning and killed about 5 or 6. That was useful, because I thought they were bees, but they are hornets. They are also super aggressive and very fast. Chinese super hornets? Green Hornets? I don’t know, and I don’t care: They all must die.

I had Mom put a package on the front step for USPS to pick up this morning, and I was worried they might get the mail lady. When I got up, Mom informed they never picked up the page at all. I opened the door and discovered they had picked up the package and then left another in the same place about the same time. And, bonus, no dead mail lady, so she must have escaped.

The new package was two laptops I purchased that need work. They are older ones, but I should be able to fix them. If you don’t know, I do build my own computers and I have tons of parts.

I purchased another laptop last week, a newer Lenovo with a 5600 series APU (AMD) and 4 gig of ram. I bought it as a fixer. I ordered a new Power Supply and I also installed a 1 Terrabyte Hybrid drive. Solid State and SATA. Nice. It took some work and a fresh WIN 10 install to get it up, but it is awesome. Very fast and tons of room.

I also took down all of the America the Dead links from FB and all my websites as well. I left the actual books up in case buyers want to get the books they don’t have. I’ll leave it for a month and then kill the books too.

So, what to replace it with? The Zombie Plagues. I have the whole series sitting there. It is there, it just hasn’t been advertised for awhile. In fact, when I was thinking about a Podcast, my first thought was to resurrect the Zombie Plagues series. In fact, I also did two hours of audio, 12 episodes, and then did nothing with it: And then? I forgot I did it, lol. So, today I was going to start the recordings and found the stuff I had already done. Why is that a big deal to me? I have heart/lung disease and talking is getting to the point where I can’t go very long, so to find two hours of audio, 12 episodes worth, was a gift.

Ami Adams will provide the narration as she did with the old series, and I will do the endings.

So, lucky there. And, I still own, so I set it up on my server and I am working on content and design.

Last news, I will publish Fig St. soon. Fig street kicks off the Glennville series. A city in my head, that closely resembles the city I grew up in. Stay safe, healthy, and do not listen to politicians. Remember, their job is to get you to pay them to spend your money… Geo Dell (George).